Domestic EPC's

This page will give you more information on what a domestic EPC is and what services we offer regarding it.

What is a Domestic EPC?

A Domestic Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) in the UK is a document that provides valuable information about the energy efficiency of a residential property. It offers insights into how energy is consumed within the dwelling and suggests recommendations to enhance its overall energy performance. EPCs are crucial for both homeowners and potential buyers or renters, as they help individuals make informed decisions regarding energy usage and associated costs. These certificates are produced through an assessment of the property’s construction, insulation, heating systems, and other relevant factors. The EPC rates the property on an energy efficiency scale, with ‘A’ being the most energy-efficient and ‘G’ representing the least efficient. Overall, a Domestic EPC plays a significant role in promoting energy conservation and sustainability across the housing sector in the UK.

Under current legislation, individuals who own or lease residential properties in the process of being sold or rented are legally obligated to furnish prospective buyers or tenants with a Domestic Energy Performance Certificate (EPC). These regulations stipulate that when one intends to sell a residential property, an EPC must be arranged at the time the property is listed for sale. All real estate agents are responsible for ensuring that a comprehensive Energy Performance Certificate is made available within 28 days of initiating marketing activities. Similarly, landlords are also bound by this law, requiring them to provide potential tenants with a copy of the existing Domestic Energy Performance Certificate pertaining to the specific living space. In instances involving the construction of a “New Build” or the conversion of a property, a distinct EPC, known as the Building Regulations – SAP EPC, is necessary to comply with completion requirements. The data for this assessment is extracted from architects’ plans and does not necessitate an on-site visit.

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