In this section, you’ll find out more information on SAP EPC’s and what they are.

EPC For A New Build or Conversion?

Every dwelling constructed after April 1st, 2008, is required to possess an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) generated using the comprehensive Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) methodology.

This mandate encompasses various scenarios, including New Builds, Conversions, and instances where the dwelling count within a property has undergone alteration, such as transforming a house into two separate flats. A full SAP EPC carries the same usability for sales or rentals as the typical RdSAP version and remains valid for a span of 10 years.

Typically, a SAP EPC is procured as part of a compliance package alongside other services, which may involve:

  • Air Tightness Testing
  • Sound Insulation Testing
  • Ventilation Flow Rate Testing
  • Internal Water Usage Calculations

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Your building control officer will need the SAP EPC for approval, and they might simply request an EPC. As per current regulations, this must be a comprehensive SAP EPC. However, if a full SAP EPC was completed in 2008 and has since lapsed, a standard residential EPC is necessary.

Upon initiating an order online or via phone, one of our specialized SAP EPC assessors will send you an introductory email along with a list of necessary documents for the EPC generation. Once we have this information, the calculation process typically takes 2-3 working days, following which we will email you the certificate. In the design phase, we can provide you with a SAP Calculation and Predicted Energy Assessment (PEA). Upon completion of the construction and readiness for approval, we will then transform this into the comprehensive SAP EPC. There are no additional charges for this transition; it’s all part of our service.

Difference Between SAP EPC And Other EPC's

Completion of a SAP EPC necessitates the utilization of the build’s drawings and specifications, typically attainable from the architect or primary builder. Below is a breakdown of the key requisites:

  • Detailed floor plans, sections, and elevations
  • Orientation details, including a site plan
  • Comprehensive construction specifications for walls, roofs, and floors
  • Detailed specifications for all windows
  • Information regarding both primary and secondary heating systems
  • Any applicable details about renewable technology integration

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