Building Thermographics

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Affordable North East Thermographic Building Surveys for Residential and Commercial Properties

Comprehensive thermal imaging and infrared surveys are conducted by fully qualified Level 1 Infrared thermographers who adhere to ISO 18436-7 and BINDT CM/GEN standards. These surveys assess the condition of a property and provide insights into repair costs.

We offer thermographic building surveys catering to homeowners, landlords, and property management firms throughout the UK. Employing cutting-edge technology, we pinpoint heat or energy loss within structures by detecting thermal bridging, dampness, and insulation gaps.

Our approach integrates thermal image cameras, infrared, and thermographic scanning, enabling us to identify issues such as flat roof leaks, concealed moisture beneath waterproofing, compromised or absent insulation, and concealed flaws. This technique empowers confident leak repairs, negating the necessity for extensive restoration work and ultimately curbing expenses by targeting specific loss areas.

Furthermore, this method proves invaluable for locating inaccessible ingress points or water leaks due to its non-destructive capabilities.

Our expertise spans across various domains, encompassing both commercial and residential buildings, industrial premises, stately homes, and listed structures.

The comprehensive thermal survey report of a building comprises thermal and digital images, through which we illuminate our discoveries, accompanied by meticulous analysis and well-founded recommendations.

Some Details Included In The Report

- Identifying Heat Loss During Energy Audits
- Location of Wall, Structures And Fixtures
- Insulation Testing
- Locating Air Leakage from Building Envelope
- Locating Hidden Leaks or Ingress
- Cold Bridging Identification

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