Underfloor Thermographic Surveys

In this section you will find out more information about underfloor thermographic surveys and our services.

Reasons for an Underfloor Survey

  • Mapping and locating sub-surface pipe networks
  • Confirming adherence to design specifications during installation
  • Aiding in diagnosing underperforming areas
  • Identifying the origin of water leaks

What is the functioning principle of thermal imaging in underfloor heating systems?

Conducting a thermal imaging survey on an underfloor heating system entails capturing thermal images of the floor while the heating system is operational. When the conditions are suitable, it becomes feasible to detect the position and path of the sub-surface pipes through temperature variations on the floor’s surface.


We examine underfloor heating systems to determine their position, identify leaks, and assess their efficiency.

The evaluation of underfloor heating systems (UFH) is increasingly becoming a standard practice. While most systems are hydronic or fluid-based, some incorporate an electric heating component. In both scenarios, pinpointing their exact location after installation is highly challenging without the aid of thermal imaging. Additionally, assessing their operational effectiveness without disrupting the floor structure is even more complex. Our approach involves utilizing specialized thermal imaging cameras, which are sensitive enough to detect both heated and often cooled pipes concealed within or beneath various building materials, including electric underfloor heating elements.

When renovating, contractors may relocate walls or fixtures. Ensuring floor fixings won’t disrupt underfloor heating is vital to prevent costly damage and leaks, addressed by ScanTherm inspections.

We offer visual documentation and physical markings for pipe locations. For older systems lacking information and asbestos concerns, thermal imaging offers cost-effective, non-destructive solutions with safety benefits.

Homeowners, occupants, or facility managers may worry about underfloor heating efficiency. For such instances, we offer a comprehensive technical assessment, including element documentation, performance, and temperature analysis.

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