Identifying Leaks with Thermographic Surveys

In this section you’ll find out more information on identifying leaks with our thermographic technology.

Our Thermographic Technology Can Help With:

Moisture Detection

Materials heat and cool based on their properties. Moisture differences manifest as distinct colors in thermal imaging, revealing leaks or buildup.

Leaky Pipes

Pipe leaks pose significant concerns. Liquid accumulation may differ from the source. Manual checks are time-consuming, but thermal imaging swiftly inspects the entire installation, cutting costs by avoiding individual pipe assessment.


They can also help detect any clogged radiators, helping address the problem promptly for you.

Insulation Breakdown

Thermographic surveys can help you detect the insulation in your wall cavities, seeing if it’s reduced away and needs fixing before you spend money unnecessarily.

What To Remember

Plumbing thermographic surveys can also help you create predictive maintenance plans, allowing you to ensure that industrial or home plumbing systems are working correctly with no signs of equipment wear. This can reduce the likelihood of any system failures and can often reduce costs in the long term. Having a surveyor assess your equipment and plumbing systems is non-invasive on operational work and can be arranged to be carried out at a time that suits you.


Thermal cameras cannot see through carpet as it acts as an insulator, it can however detect through wooden, laminate and tiled surfaces


Thermal cameras only have the ability to detect pipework 1-2 meters under screed


Make sure to lift any carpet when conducting the plumbing survey


Leave the heating on for as long as possible to get the house very hot for the ability to detect a water leak

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